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One Good Team, One Bad Team and Regression

Watched some preseason football this past weekend. Saw a couple of teams that jumped out to me. One’s going to be a good team, one’s going to be bad. One team’s going to slip a bit, No real surprise here, … Continue reading

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Jerry Jones has no business in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

It’s November 5th, and I was reading an August 23d column of MMQB. In particular, a fan’s comments to MMQB regarding Jones’ Hall of Fame candidacy: I am a big fan, but I feel I need to point out how … Continue reading

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Mavericks want to Retire Tyson Chandler’s Number?

Ok, I get it. A guy helped you win a title, and you’ve done nothing else since then. We see where Rick Carlisle believes the Mavericks should retire Tyson Chandler’s number. The guy has two seasons with the team, spent … Continue reading

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Hall-of-Famers … and non Hall-of-Famers

Did you see where Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, along with Frank Thomas were elected to the Hall-of-Fame?¬†Maddux, Glavine and Thomas deserve the honor. They were not only great players, they were superb for long periods of time. Maddux and … Continue reading

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Head Coach Parcells to the Hall-of-Fame

You know one of BSP’s favorite head coaches is Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells is going into the Hall of Fame this weekend. We always believed Parcells was a tough, no-nonsense guy who played head games with his players. Come to … Continue reading

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Earl Weaver Passes

Earl Weaver, a Hall-of-Fame manager for the Baltimore Orioles, passed away while on a cruise. He was 82. This one hurts because it’s one of those people who was always around during my formative years. Baseball was the first sport … Continue reading

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Hall of Fame Worthlessness

I recently did a post on Bo Jackson. I stated in the post that Bo Jackson isn’t a Hall-of-Famer, even though he was the greatest athlete I ever saw play. Likewise, Terrell Owens, a coach-destroyer who can’t find a job … Continue reading

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Bo Jackson — 30-for-30

I’m watching 30 for 30, and they’re reviewing the career of Bo Jackson. I saw Bo Jackson play both baseball and football. I’ll say this: Bo Jackson was the best football player I ever saw. He possessed both speed and … Continue reading

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