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A Word about Von Miller

Heard Andy Benoit talk on their podcast like J.J. Watt is one of the greatest defensive players ever. Honest to goodness, Watt is indeed a great player, but saying he’s one of the greatest ever is too soon.  We at … Continue reading

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A word about Brock Osweiller

Did you see where the Texans signed Brock Osweiller to a monstrous deal?  I know what you’re thinking: Here’s the first chance for BSP to laugh at the Broncos.  That’s not happening. Its a brilliant move by John Elway. The … Continue reading

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Prayers for Coach Kubiak

Was watching the Sunday night game, Case Keenum’s big party where he threw three touchdown passes to Andre Johnson and the Texans had a 21-3 lead at the half. Texans were flying high, Keenum looked like a real gunslinger and … Continue reading

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Cheaters over Football

I was watching the Texans play the niners, when it quickly became unwatchable and unlistenable. Unwatchable because Matt Schaub is not even a game manager anymore; unlistenable because Al Michaels is fawning over his beloved niners. It’s 14-0 now, and … Continue reading

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Please ESPN, stop giving us Chris Berman

I know Chris Berman is a relic from the early days of ESPN and the network owes him a great deal but can we please never hear him broadcast any more games? The man is loud, annoying and a fantastic … Continue reading

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A Question for Houston Texans Fans

Are you really comfortable going to New England next weekend? Or are you getting out your “we really tried hard, but we’re just not good enough to play with the Big Boys” signs for the return from the airport? Judging … Continue reading

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