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Dumping on the Dumper

Heard someone once again dragged Fran Tarkenton out to make commentary on professional athletes. Once again, he played the role of bitter old man to a tee. Tell me this, who made Fran Tarkenton the arbiter of good and bad? … Continue reading

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Victor Cruz: It’s not just a Game

Did you see Victor Cruz get hurt on a 4th and 3 play in the 3rd quarter of tonight’s Sunday Night Game of the Week? Obviously Cruz suffered a significant injury on that play … a torn patella tendon according … Continue reading

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Can We Reduce the Kirk Cousins Talk, Please?

At work last week, one of the guys who claims to be a Washington fan, said Kirk Cousins should be the Washington quarterback over even healthy Bob Griffin. Another claiming to be a Washington fan said the same thing. I … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh at Carolina

It’s a Battle of Attrition in Charlotte. Didn’t everyone see Ike Taylor’s arm break on that tackle about 6 minutes into the 3rd period? Michaels and Collinsworth said “don’t look.” Too late, we already saw it. Gruesome, as Jonathan Stewart … Continue reading

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Slow Getting Up

I wrote about the overthecap.com piece on NFL 7th rounders experiencing a 25% cut rate. A friend of mine suggested a book called “Slow Getting Up.” It’s a book by Nate Jackson, former Denver Broncos receiver. I’ve only read excerpts … Continue reading

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Football Season’s Starting Soon

Did you see where the Dolphins and Cowboys started training camp? Football season’s right around the corner. The Hall-of-Fame game, the traditional kick-off to preseason is in two weeks. The Dolphins and Cowboys are playing in that game. The Dolphins … Continue reading

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Derrick Rose — Go to War With Him?

I was on the way home listening to Fox Sports Radio, and their The Lakers homer was saying how Derrick Rose is a really nice kid. He’s a nice kid, but he didn’t want to go to war with him. … Continue reading

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Commissioner Goodell’s Hypocracy

Yesterday, I (along with numerous other NFL fans) received an email from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The letter was specifically directed at bounties. Commissioner Goodell stated: Let me be clear: there is no place for bounties in football. No exceptions. … Continue reading

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