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Jaguars fire Greg Olson

Jacksonville Jaguars fired their offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, after losing two games in 5 days this past week. Not only did they lose, they lost badly. The Jags lost 36-22 after trailing 27-0 at the half of their loss to … Continue reading

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I’m watching this Jacksonville – Tennessee game. The Jags are bad, and they are on Thursday Night Football! That’s a combustible mix! Of course, I watched them play the Raiders Sunday. The Jags kind of hung in there for a … Continue reading

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Dennis Allen on Thin Ice

BSP is not a big fan of coaching changes. Basically, it’s a situation where a coach can tell a player what to do, but they have to execute. Personally, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between coaches. Either … Continue reading

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I Thought Only Good Teams Played on Sunday Night

Is this what you’ve been waiting all day for? This was as funny as when Dan Dierdorf said “are you ready for some football” during the 4th quarter of a Hall-of-Fame game broadcast. The 4-7 Giants, whom Chris Collinsworth just … Continue reading

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Tailgating The Proper Way

Did I mention I attended the Jacksonville Jaguars – Oakland Raiders game earlier this year? Pretty solid tickets, weren’t they? I didn’t blog about that game because I was too busy. Because of our tailgating experience at this game, I … Continue reading

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NFL City at What Cost?

Just read where the City of Oakland, ranked #5 in crime in the nation, had to lay off 200 police officers due to a budget deficit of $32 million. Meanwhile the city of Oakland paid the Oakland Raiders $17 million … Continue reading

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