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An Example of Blatant Homerism

Went to ESPN’s AFC West blog to see what they had written about Matt Schaub’s having been traded to the Raiders. Bill Williamson wrote some stuff I found hard to believe, in a column “Matt Schaub is not the next … Continue reading

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Jim Harbaugh – Carroll: “These Guys Don’t Like Each Other”

The two things sports media does really well is the “They’re Friends” bit, where two rivals are friendly with each other. It’s really stupid because you can’t really want your opponents to succeed. The other thing sports media does in … Continue reading

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Whiny Jim Prevents Atlanta from Showing Up niners

Did you see what Mike Smith was trying to do on the final play of Candlestick Point’s ballpark? He was sending Matt Bryant out to kick a field goal to put it in the record books that the last team … Continue reading

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