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Buzz Aldrin Properly Addresses a Conspiracy Theorist.

Of all the things we despise on this blog, the one we hate the absolute most (as of today) is Reality Deniers. You know, the people who are sometimes called “Truthers”, as in something they actively avoid. Lee Harvey Bag … Continue reading

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Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours to Live

I’m watching Lee Harvey Douchebag, 48 Hours to Live. Fascinating. If you don’t think LH Bag did it, you might want to avoid this so you can maintain your delusions. The Ultimate Slimeball, LH Bag acts like a seriously guilty … Continue reading

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“We’re heading into nut country today”

50 years ago today, John F. Kennedy uttered the words in the title of this post. I don’t do politics on BSP, therefore I shall not comment more, except to say John F. Kennedy would recognize today’s Texas. There’s a … Continue reading

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