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Denver at Kansas City: The Main Enemy vs The Other Main Enemy

Watching the Broncos and the Chiefs tonight on Sunday Night Football. As much as I dislike the Broncos, Raiders need them to win tonight. Naturally, the Broncos decided not to show up, even if they need to win in order … Continue reading

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Wishing for Injuries and Karmic Retribution

One of our contributors, a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, mentioned he’d like to see players on teams opposing the niners┬áto get hurt. I thought that was unconscionable. Until I found the niners fan was not unique. I talked … Continue reading

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Sorry, Chiefers

Did you see the Chiefs come from 28 points ahead to fall to Indianapolis, 45-44 on a 64-yard touchdown pass from Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton with 4:22 left? A miraculous comeback, with the Colts trailing as much as 38-10 … Continue reading

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Kansas City – Denver

I was watching Kansas City – Denver for a minute until Denver started successfully running its illegal pick plays that you and Al Michaels love so much. What a pack of super douches you are. The one thing I hate … Continue reading

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Your Team’s Mt. Rushmore — AFC West style

ProFootballTalk is doing a series they call your team’s Mt. Rushmore’s. These are the greatest four players in your team’s history. Last month, they put up Mt. Rushmore’s for the Raiders and Chiefs. Today, I’m going to pick up the … Continue reading

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Joe Delaney

Adam Schefter posted his Tweet of the Day, which was a reminder Joe Delaney died 30 years ago today. Joe Delaney, if you’ll recall was a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was a Pro Bowler in his … Continue reading

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Black Monday

We’ve got some catching up to do, so lets talk about all these NFL coaches being fired on Monday: Click here for NFL.com’s Best Coaching Vacancies video 1. Lovie Smith, Bears: A sacking sort of taking people by surprise. BSP … Continue reading

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