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Basketball’s Mid 1980’s Edmonton Oilers

Do any of you remember the Wayne Gretzky-led Edmonton Oilers of the mid-to-late 1980’s? My friends, those Oilers have a basketball match. Not Jordan’s one man Bulls; you see the so-called legend Scottie Pippen never won anything without him. The … Continue reading

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Kawhi Leonard Ain’t Playin with Ya’ll

Did you see the Spurs demolish The Kobeless Lakers tonight? You probably didn’t if you were a The Lakers bandwagoner, comprising about 90 percent of their fans. If you were a San Antonio fan, you might have missed what really … Continue reading

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Miami – San Antonio

Tim Duncan: “We’ll do it this time.” LB James: “They were the much better team” And they were.  Tonight, San Antonio demolished the Miami Heat, 104-87 to win the 2014 NBA Title. The Spurs were the better team LAST YEAR, … Continue reading

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