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The National Anthem and the Flag of the United States

First, I will say I fly the Flag of the United States at my home. Personally, I would always stand for the National Anthem. It’s not because I’m being forced to, it’s because I believe the Flag still stands for … Continue reading

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The Future of Marketing

The Washington Post did a story on how a former WWE ring announcer sought out a child fan and found he had cancer. WWE not only got the child meetings with his favorite wrestler, but actually inducted the child, Connor … Continue reading

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30 For 30: Brian Bosworth

I’m digging this 30 for 30 on Brian Bosworth. Bosworth distinguishes between “Brian” and “The Boz”. Brian is the guy who played football because he loved the game. The Boz is a character, a thing trying to maximize value from … Continue reading

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LoLo Jones and Sex Appeal

You know, I haven’t been paying much attention to the LoLo Jones saga until today. Lori Jones is a track athlete for the US team. She is a specialist in hurdles. LoLo came from a very humble background to compete … Continue reading

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