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Joe Philbin is Out

Joe Philbin is out as Dolphins head coach. I believe the man is fortunate, because the Dolphins aren’t very well run from an organizational standpoint. They bring back Ryan Tannehill for $96M, even though he’s only shown signs of becoming … Continue reading

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Ndamukong Suh to Miami

So, Ndamukong Suh is going to the Dolphins.  It’s a coup, a huge move for that franchise, picking up a player of that caliber.  They are going over the numbers now, but he’s going to sign with the Dolphins. The … Continue reading

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Real Cheating

This afternoon, I was listening to some dude on CBSSports Radio rant about whether the deflated ball thing was really a big deal (it isn’t). I thought about what constitutes a big deal. The biggest big deal is the Competition … Continue reading

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Miami – N.Y. Jets

Does anyone want to see this? I mean, does anyone besides idiot Jets fan — aka, New York-based sports media — think this is what the nation tunes in to watch? The Miami Dolphins with their punchless offense against the … Continue reading

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Are You Watching NFL Free Agency?

While the discussion about brackets drones on the TV, I just wanted to get some thoughts in on NFL free agency. Monday Morning QB sums it up nicely with this comment: Both the Dolphins and Browns took big swings in … Continue reading

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No wonder he quit

Just looked at Deadspin’s “The Worst Stuff from the Miami Dolphins Investigation“. No wonder the NFL chose to have it released on a Friday. It should raise a storm of fecal material in … everywhere. If that’s deemed “locker room” … Continue reading

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Did you see New England today?

Did you see the Patriots destroy the Ravens 41-7 and hurt their playoff chances badly, tonight? The Patriots jumped out to a 17-0 lead, then when the Ravens closed to 20-7, the Patriots scored the final 21 points of the … Continue reading

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The Martin-Incognito Event: Let’s Just See if there’s Anything Missing

As you know, we discussed the Johnathan Martin – Richie Incognito event. In that post, we were outraged with respect to Incognito’s use of a derogatory term, “half-n****r”, among others. It turns out, there may be more to it than … Continue reading

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Richie Incognito: I Want My Name Cleared

Are you kidding me? If there are recorded voicemails, text messages and the like, not only are you done in Miami, you are done in the NFL.  ESPN provides a sample of what Incognito said to Martin (allegedly): Hey, wassup, … Continue reading

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The Difference In Today’s NFL

I watched one of the early games, Miami at New England. Many of you know the Patriots won this game, but some of you may not know Miami held a 17-3 lead in the third quarter. We at the BSP … Continue reading

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