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Thank You For Your Service

I’m going to publish some of my drafts. Here’s one: Today, someone thanked me for my ~ 21 years  in the military. I gave them a “thanks”, because it is nice. In fact, for many years of my service, I … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor

Went to the USS Arizona Memorial today.    If that doesn’t sober you up, nothing will.  I’ve been to Hawaii several times, but never had the honor to visit the memorial. I was determined to visit because this is a … Continue reading

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Shark Tank

Mark Cuban is leaving our list of dbags because of one simple statement on Shark Tank: “The first 615 times I tried beer, I didn’t like the taste…” So I wanted to know what beer he had on attempt 616? … Continue reading

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Military Brass Gone Bad?

I read in the Washington Post this article: Military brass, behaving badly It talks about general officers accused of doing tawdry things, from drinking at work to having sex with multiple partners, to engaging in assaults. It’s some unseemly stuff. … Continue reading

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Military Sexual Assaults

Oh boy, the real world once again intrudes on my sports time. Seems the US Air Force’s sexual assault and prevention response officer was arrested in Northern Virginia for groping a woman in public. An Air Force general is in … Continue reading

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Bitter Pills for a CIA Director

Today, I spoke with one of my colleagues about the abrupt resignation of Mr. David Petraeus as CIA Director. My colleague worked for then-General Petraeus in Baghdad. He was floored, and didn’t believe it until Petraeus resigned. My colleague simply … Continue reading

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