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30 for 30: The Juice

I so enjoyed the first installment of the “O.J. Simpson Made in America” series. That dude had some wheels. The one thing I didn’t like was the short shrift they gave his NFL career. They made a big deal out … Continue reading

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I’m going to write about Ferguson and its rioting today. It’s appropriate because of the sad and sorry events there. Look, my first exposure to rioting was a paper I did on the Watts riot in 1965. Serious business. It … Continue reading

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Jodi vs Casey

Previously, we had assumed Casey Anthony was the most hated person in America. “Person” excludes politicians, people. In this author’s opinion, Casey BigRack easily outpaced The Juice, but barely edged out Jerry Sandusky. Now Casey has another threat … Jodi … Continue reading

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Juan Martinez

Are you watching Juan Martinez, the prosecutor in this Jodi Arias trial? This dude gets pissed with his opponents. Today he strafed the defense psychologist who said Jodi the killer was suffering from PTSD. The defense psychologist tried to justify … Continue reading

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Jury questions to Jodi

So Jodi got back on the stand and lied some more. This jury can’t understand so much of her story, they asked more than 100 questions of her. “What’s your definition of skank?” was one of the questions they asked … Continue reading

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Most Hated Person in America

We just had a discusion here about the most hated person in America. Well, we know its Barack Obama, but he’s a politician. If he wasn’t a politician, no one would care. Mitt Romney is pretty well hated too. Too … Continue reading

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