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Clemson vs Alabama

Wow. 1 second left. Clutch. Congrats to Desean Watson, Hunter Renfrow and the Clemson Tigers. Alabama is a great team, but it’s extremely difficult to beat elite teams 2 times in a row.

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In the End, No one Cared

You’re going to hear about the ratings. You’re going to hear about how exciting it was. We’ll hear about how people watched because you love or hate Duke. In the end, no one cared. I’m watching my local news this … Continue reading

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Despair, thy name is Wisconsin – Duke

Did you see Kentucky lose to Wisconsin last night? That is absolutely not what I wanted to happen. Awful, terrible, horrible. Here’ what BSP’s fantasy was: Kentucky beats Wisconsin, plays and annihilates Duke to go 40-0. Here’s what BSP’s nightmare … Continue reading

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The 2015 NCAA Tournament … it’s the Tournament, as Usual

Have we gotten to the point where upsets in the NCAA Tournament aren’t really upsets anymore? The seeding is basically built to set up matchups appealing to local and TV viewers, not that the teams are any better. We’ve seen … Continue reading

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Cardele Jones: We Ain’t Come to Play SCHOOL

Anyone besides me watching Alabama slowly strangle Ohio State? Cardele Jones can accept some of the blame for this situation. His bobble of a snap earlier in the game led to a blown opportunity, where Ohio State was unable to … Continue reading

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Quick Lane Bowl

Are you watching the Quick Lane Bowl? With the score 40-14, it’s clear: Rutgers is okay and North Carolina is garbage. I’ve always wondered how the ACC destroys football programs. With the exception of Florida State, every single football program … Continue reading

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30 For 30: Brian Bosworth

I’m digging this 30 for 30 on Brian Bosworth. Bosworth distinguishes between “Brian” and “The Boz”. Brian is the guy who played football because he loved the game. The Boz is a character, a thing trying to maximize value from … Continue reading

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