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Trades, Anyone?

When I heard about the Jimmy Graham to Seattle deal, I was floored. Mostly because I didn’t believe there were trades in the NFL anymore. Then we got yet another Eagles trade, Glass Bradford to Philadelphia for Nick Foles. I … Continue reading

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Bengals Fan gets reward, Saints fan gets ball and bag

Did you see this? In Sunday’s Bengals domination over the Saints, when Jermaine Gresham scores on a 1-yard pass, he goes over to the stands and tosses the ball to a Bengals fan. Instead, Saints fan Tony Williams grabs the … Continue reading

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Time to Man Up, NFL Receivers

Watching NFL officials throwing penalty flags after watching some hammer hands receiver starts waving his arms like “I’ve been touched.” It’s old. Teams now rely on what used to be incidental contact … ….excuse me, I’m watching New Orleans and … Continue reading

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Head Coach Parcells to the Hall-of-Fame

You know one of BSP’s favorite head coaches is Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells is going into the Hall of Fame this weekend. We always believed Parcells was a tough, no-nonsense guy who played head games with his players. Come to … Continue reading

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