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St. Tony the Good and Sam-Mania

Check this out: Two powerful forces collided this week in the NFL: St. Tony the Good now appears to be the Bad Guy, and a high energy special teamer owns the NFL. At least the special teamer safely owns the … Continue reading

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They Make All That Money

One of my friends, being a fan, is all about how much money professional athletes make. I find that laughable, because numbers are so manipulated by agents and team owners. They want you to think they are paying out so … Continue reading

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Sam’s Been Drafted … Now What?

Yesterday during the 5th round of the NFL Draft, I told a friend of mine I thought the Raiders would pick Michael Sam with pick 32 of the 7th round yesterday. They did not. Shortly afterwards, the St. Louis Rams … Continue reading

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DeSean Jackson

Did you see where DeSean Jackson got cut by Philadelphia, and the Washington Redskins signed him for a pretty decent contract (3yrs, $24M, $16M guaranteed)? Before we get into the speculation behind his departure from Philadelphia, let’s just look at … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Expectations

I was watching Michael Sam in the combine. Great job on the podium doing something that can’t be easy. However, BSP feels he might be the victim of unrealistic expectations to some degree. These expectations are likely created by — … Continue reading

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Romo out? Don’t think so.

I’ve been hearing numerous sports-related media declare Tony Romo is out with a herniated disk. I know back pain well. I also know there’s two types of back injury: the one where you just roll over and call in sick; … Continue reading

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