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What’s the bottom line in the NFL? How does your team decide to keep or get rid of players? Is it winning? Is it only winning, or is it image? It’s some of both, but you cannot have a controversial … Continue reading

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Jets Fan: What Do You Want Them to Do?

If you’re a Jets fan and you saw tonight’s 41-10 debacle against the Colts, you want something to be done. Usually, “something” means firing the coach, maybe the GM, but something must be done. You can’t stand for this. For … Continue reading

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JetsMedia Drags up Rex Ryan’s Carcass

You, being a non-Jets fan, could care less about their former coach’s feelings about what happened there. You care even less about anything involving that overrated team. But here goes BSP, dragging up another JetsMedia-contrived controversy.  Rex Ryan believes the … Continue reading

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Baltimore -Pittsburgh

Tonight, I was thinking about how much I hated the Broncos and their phony bandwagoning fans when I realized Baltimore and Pittsburgh were playing. Yep, I allowed my hatred for everything puke blue and vomit orange to consume me. I … Continue reading

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Miami – N.Y. Jets

Does anyone want to see this? I mean, does anyone besides idiot Jets fan — aka, New York-based sports media — think this is what the nation tunes in to watch? The Miami Dolphins with their punchless offense against the … Continue reading

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The Cowboys Reality

One of my colleagues, who happens to be a Denver Broncos fan, laughed when I mentioned the Dallas Cowboys; specifically their defense. I laughed before detailing the fact the Cowboys were the last ranked defense in the NFL in 2013 … Continue reading

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Walter Jones

Tonight, Walter Jones is entering the NFL Hall of Fame. What a great story! This guy comes from a family that had nothing, and now he’s a Hall-of-Famer. And BSP sure remembers Walter Jones. Despite being an opponent of my … Continue reading

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