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The Washington Capitals WON The Stanley Cup

After a 44-year drought, the Washington Capitals have won the Stanley Cup for the 2017-18 NHL season. A few things you need to know about the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup: There are two Capitals fan bases: the California Golden … Continue reading

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The Washington Capitals …

… Defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins, 2-1 in overtime of Game 6, and will play in the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1997-98. Goodbye, Pittsburgh! I think I found a team I like even less than the Denver … Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis is happy

Washington DC, for what we believe is the first time ever, has NBA and NHL teams in the second round of their respective playoffs in the same year. In fact, the Wizards completed their first four-game sweep ever. Ted Leonsis, … Continue reading

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Team Canada to Ice Gold Medal

Anything can happen in hockey, as we well know. Sweden still has a chance, down 0-2 in the second intermission. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to happen. Team Canada is going to win the gold in hockey. As well it should. … Continue reading

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How huge was Miracle On Ice?

Simply put, Miracle on Ice was the greatest upset in sports history, bar none. I can’t even call the above statement homerism, because I can’t think of a bigger upset. A game with so much at stake that had professionals … Continue reading

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Sochi Olympics: Russia’s Home Field Advantage

Virtually every country hosting an Olympics does better in the medal count. Russia, which is normally strong in the Winter Olympics anyway, is going to do well. But there’s one sport I’m really interested in seeing: Hockey, of course. Hockey, … Continue reading

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John Tortorella Fired

For some reason, the New York Rangers fired head coach John Tortorella after a four game sweep by the Boston Bruins. Oh, it wasn’t a four game sweep? The Bruins decided to toy with the Rangers like a big cat … Continue reading

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The Legacy of LB James

I read somewhere LB James legacy rests on whether or not they win this series against the San Antonio Spurs. Once again, basketball talking heads blurting out nonsense. In this blogger’s opinion, LB James legacy is clear: Superstar, Hall-of-Famer and … Continue reading

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Caps Collapse Yet Again

Last night, the Washington Capitals fell in yet another Game 7 travesty, 5-0 to the New York Rangers. Lets set aside my enormous dislike for the Rangers and virtually all New York related-sports. Lets not talk about my boycott of … Continue reading

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NBA and NHL Free Agency Begins

I always thought it was interesting the NHL and NBA contract expirations happen on the same day (1 July). We get the usual frenzy of signings. Except for today. There have not been a lot of commitments so far, especially … Continue reading

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