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Ohio State – Oregon

I didn’t think Oregon was that good and Florida State was that bad. Most fans, and certainly broadcasters don’t understand the snowball effect. Momentum is such a huge part of the college game. Don’t care about Oregon right now. Give … Continue reading

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Mariota Wins Heisman; One Heisman winning QB Starting Today

All of you know Marcus Mariota won the Heisman Trophy, awarded to college football’s most outstanding player. I think that’s terrific. Mariota deserved it, his numbers are terrific and he’s contributed to the Ducks success. A couple of sports talk … Continue reading

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Oregon – Oregon State

This game, the “Civil War” is turning into a rout. It’s 23-0, Oregon with left in the 2nd quarter. Did you see Bryon Marshall catch a ball, break a tackle and score on a 77-yard play? That’s the play that … Continue reading

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College Football Playoff Rankings

Before we talk about the CFP rankings, I just wanted to mention the East Texas woman who had a significant breast reduction. In fact, her breast reduction was from 36NNN to … less. Her surgeon said it was like she … Continue reading

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Ohio State in the National Title Game?

Did you see where Baylor got stomped by Oklahoma State, 49-17, ending their dreams of a national title? Did you see where Oregon lost to Arizona, 42-16, ending any possibility of a BCS game and/or national title? Those are two … Continue reading

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Another Sports Saturday

I came in from work last night intent on having a drink and relaxing but my son was watching ESPN Round Table. You know, the super-douches from ESPN like Wilbon, Magic Johnson and the two other guys who spout cliches … Continue reading

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