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Worst Play Call in the History of Pro Football

Richard Sherman, viewing the Nationwide commercial on the Jumbotron. Well, not quite. This play call is going to be talked about for years. First off, great Super Bowl, a 28-24 New England victory. New England had more character than I … Continue reading

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Jim Harbaugh – Carroll: “These Guys Don’t Like Each Other”

The two things sports media does really well is the “They’re Friends” bit, where two rivals are friendly with each other. It’s really stupid because you can’t really want your opponents to succeed. The other thing sports media does in … Continue reading

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Are you tired of the Seahawks Yet?

They’ve never won a title. They haven’t been all that successful over their history. But my pick to win the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks are quickly wearing out any possible popularity they’ve gained with their antics. From super-douchebag coach … Continue reading

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