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Former Eagle, Titan, Raider, Bills WR Art Powell deceased

Art Powell, a former Eagle and Raider wide receiver, is deceased. He was 78. The reasons BSP remembers Art Powell has not a whole lot to do with playing of football on the field. Art Powell was a pioneer of … Continue reading

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Chip Kelly: The crazier you are, the better you appear to be

One of my former colleagues suggests that’s Chip Kelly’s modus operandi. There may be some truth to that. There’s hardly anyone out there who believes Glass Bradford is a better quarterback at this point than Nick Foles, but Kelly seems … Continue reading

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Trades, Anyone?

When I heard about the Jimmy Graham to Seattle deal, I was floored. Mostly because I didn’t believe there were trades in the NFL anymore. Then we got yet another Eagles trade, Glass Bradford to Philadelphia for Nick Foles. I … Continue reading

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Three Day Window Results in Deals? NFL Only One Surprised

The NFL started a three day window prior to the free agent signing date to eliminate tampering. Now that agents started leaking information to the press, the NFL wants to put a halt to it. What. A. Surprise. Seriously, who … Continue reading

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DeSean Jackson

Did you see where DeSean Jackson got cut by Philadelphia, and the Washington Redskins signed him for a pretty decent contract (3yrs, $24M, $16M guaranteed)? Before we get into the speculation behind his departure from Philadelphia, let’s just look at … Continue reading

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2013 NFL Coach of the Year

Saw ProFootballTalk comments on the NFL’s coach of the year. Their coach of the year is Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers. Came into the season on the hot seat, ended up nearly getting fired after a 1-3 start, but … Continue reading

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Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth…

…need to put down their Cowboys pon-pons and call the game.  I don’t care about your ratings and who tuned in to watch whom. Michaels said the Cowboys need to get a stop. It’s the first time I’ve heard today … Continue reading

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Did you see New England today?

Did you see the Patriots destroy the Ravens 41-7 and hurt their playoff chances badly, tonight? The Patriots jumped out to a 17-0 lead, then when the Ravens closed to 20-7, the Patriots scored the final 21 points of the … Continue reading

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Chicago – Philadelphia

Oh, Dallas, you’re going to have your hands full. Philadelphia, with nothing to play for tonight, against Chicago, with a division title in their sights. Right now, at the end of the third, it’s 33-11, Philadelphia. The Bears are only … Continue reading

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Fan Affection for Sale

Saw in SI’s Extra Mustard, a fan is selling his allegiance. Seems the fan has some feelings which he describes as thus: Imagine being in love with a beautiful, majestic woman. Imagine that every day for twenty years, you have … Continue reading

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