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One Good Team, One Bad Team and Regression

Watched some preseason football this past weekend. Saw a couple of teams that jumped out to me. One’s going to be a good team, one’s going to be bad. One team’s going to slip a bit, No real surprise here, … Continue reading

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Today’s NFL Predictions

Today we have San Diego at Cincinnati; San Francisco at Green Bay. San Diego has Phillip “Douchebag” Rivers, a playoff-experienced quarterback who has had some postseason success. We call Phillip Rivers “douchebag” due to his earlier battles with Jay Cutler, … Continue reading

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Phillip Rivers Non-Douchery

The Chargers went to Denver, and upset the heavily favored Broncos. Heavily favored, that is by a sports media that doesn’t realize they have to play the games, not just talk about them. It’s a division game and good teams … Continue reading

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