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Superstar Wide Receivers

By now, you’ve seen where Antonio Brown moved to the Raiders, while Odell Beckham JR is now going to be playing NFL football on Lake Erie. As is typical of sports media, they are making huge deals out of these … Continue reading

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First Post of the New Year

So much has happened! Want to give you some insight: We booked a cruise and we’ll be going to Australia and New Zealand! I’m very excited because I want to see and photo some of the world most glorious landscape … Continue reading

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Mike Tomlin’s Postgame Speech

Did you, like everyone did, Antonio Brown capturing Mike Tomlin calling the New England Patriots “assholes?” http://deadspin.com/antonio-brown-livestreams-mike-tomlin-calling-the-patri-1791251582 That makes me laugh. Another thing that made me laugh was sports media’s outrage at the various comments.  Hell, everyone in the AFC … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Steelers Avoid Getting Jobbed

Did you watch last night’s game between the Steelers and the Chargers? By now you know the Steelers won the game on a ballsy play call, where they ran Le’Veon Bell out of the wildcat, with five seconds left. Bell … Continue reading

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Baltimore -Pittsburgh

Tonight, I was thinking about how much I hated the Broncos and their phony bandwagoning fans when I realized Baltimore and Pittsburgh were playing. Yep, I allowed my hatred for everything puke blue and vomit orange to consume me. I … Continue reading

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To Cincinnati Bengals Fan

Hi, BengalsFan; I’m sure you’re watching your team tonight, and you’re too busy watching it to read blog posts. I am concerned about your team tonight. Are you happy with Andy Dalton? Does he look like the leader who’s going … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh at Carolina

It’s a Battle of Attrition in Charlotte. Didn’t everyone see Ike Taylor’s arm break on that tackle about 6 minutes into the 3rd period? Michaels and Collinsworth said “don’t look.” Too late, we already saw it. Gruesome, as Jonathan Stewart … Continue reading

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What about Janay? What about the victim?

I’m almost done with this subject. Think about the most humiliating moment of your life. Now imagine it being played out on television screens all around you for … forever. That’s what Janay Rice is going through right now. While … Continue reading

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Roger Goodell’s Punishment

Just watched the pregame for tonight’s game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Surprisingly enough, Bill Cowher, former Steelers head coach is picking Pittsburgh. Surprisingly enough, Deion Sanders, former Ravens player is picking Baltimore. Deion is right, Baltimore has to be desperate. … Continue reading

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Chicago – Pittsburgh

Just saw the Bears take a  10-0, I mean 17-0 lead over Pittsburgh. The Steelers are looking like a team that’s gotten rid of its really old guys and the young guys aren’t coming through. In all fairness, the Steelers … Continue reading

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