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San Antonio – Minnesota

I watched the Spurs kick the Timberwolves in the face tonight. San Antonio rolls by 29 in a slow kill. Minnesota was missing its top players, like Kevin Martin and Ricky Rubio. San Antonio was not missing its top four … Continue reading

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Minnesota – Golden State

“He is guarding no one this quarter” NBA TV broadcasters describing Kevin Love. I know, I know. The Lakers fans think they are just a signing of Kevin Love, playing him with Kobe to get back into the NBA elite. … Continue reading

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Seeing The Lakers

For those of you who remember the very beginnings of this blog, you remember one of the four people it addresses is a fan of The Lakers. Here in San Antonio, The Lakers are quite popular. If you go to … Continue reading

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Football Season’s Starting Soon

Did you see where the Dolphins and Cowboys started training camp? Football season’s right around the corner. The Hall-of-Fame game, the traditional kick-off to preseason is in two weeks. The Dolphins and Cowboys are playing in that game. The Dolphins … Continue reading

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NFL Playoff Weekend Picks

To me, this is the biggest weekend of an NFL season. This is the weekend a team can make it an acceptable season, or a favorite can look forward to an offseason of second guessing. It’s the playoffs, and its … Continue reading

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J-E-T-S: Quit, Quit, Quit.

Did you see the Jets fiasco in Tennessee? Did you see where they were terrible against a bad team? I’d like to give the Titans some credit…Chris Johnson had a superstar run for a 94-yard touchdown…but I can’t. They were … Continue reading

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Termination Game

It’s that time of year. It’s baseball playoffs time, and Major League Baseball has truly enhanced the playoff system by bringing in another wildcard team in a Termination Game. If this had happened last season, the Cardinals might not have … Continue reading

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