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Same Old Raiders

Watched the Raiders last night against the Tennessee Titans. One of the broadcasters in last night’s game stated he expected the Raiders to make a move in the division … next year. I was inclined to agree. As a matter … Continue reading

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Al Michaels — Still A Pompous Windbag

Here we are 45 minutes into the preseason and it starts. Did you hear Al Michaels make a comment about Tim Brown, the new Hall-of-Famer having a contract dispute with “Al Davis?” Then he made a snarky comment about a … Continue reading

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Preseason Picks

I’m reading ProFootballTalk’s preseason NFL power rankings. Today, the Minnesota Vikings are ranked 27th, the first NFC team to appear. I enjoy reading these, and the comments that follow, because they mean absolutely nothing. Here’s what you need to know … Continue reading

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The Weekend in (preseason) NFL Football

The season starts in just a few weeks. Aren’t you excited about your team’s prospects? Even teams that lost their preseason games have things to be excited about. We saw how Colin Kaepernick and the niners shoved around the supposedly … Continue reading

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Double Homer-vision

Last night, I watched the Cowboys play the Raiders on NFL Network, until the New England – Philadelphia game ended. The broadcast was by the Raiders TV crew. At that point, the Dallas – Oakland game was blacked out and … Continue reading

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