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This is awesome programming

Watching Steve Wilkos’ show from Thursday. Megan, the mother confessed to police that she tried to smother her 2-year old child. She then recanted her story and has gone on Steve Wilkos’ show to prove her innocence. As we know … Continue reading

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The Dirtbag Starting Five

Are you kidding me? Just when you think the Jodi Arias trial is done, who comes up to extend Headline News run of horrible celebrity court appearances? The Juice. Too funny, HLN just ran a split screen with Jodi and … Continue reading

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“A mistake is banging a fat chick and knocking her up”

The comment is from a Floyd County, Georgia prison guard in the “Beyond Scared Straight” series. A youth offender had said he had made a mistake. This one might have been one of the roughest in the entire series. The … Continue reading

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Most Hated Person in America

We just had a discusion here about the most hated person in America. Well, we know its Barack Obama, but he’s a politician. If he wasn’t a politician, no one would care. Mitt Romney is pretty well hated too. Too … Continue reading

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