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Michael Strahan’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Someone told me not only was Michael Strahan a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he actually was elected to it! I refuse to believe it unless proven otherwise. I read his Wikipedia page and he is indeed … Continue reading

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Ray Guy, the Belting Champ

One of my friends, a longtime Raiders fan used to be a soccer player. Whenever he grabbed a football (which was often), he used to kick the hell out of it and call it “belting” the ball. Ray Guy was … Continue reading

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Head Coach Parcells to the Hall-of-Fame

You know one of BSP’s favorite head coaches is Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells is going into the Hall of Fame this weekend. We always believed Parcells was a tough, no-nonsense guy who played head games with his players. Come to … Continue reading

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Your Team’s Mt. Rushmore — AFC West style

ProFootballTalk is doing a series they call your team’s Mt. Rushmore’s. These are the greatest four players in your team’s history. Last month, they put up Mt. Rushmore’s for the Raiders and Chiefs. Today, I’m going to pick up the … Continue reading

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Hall of Fame Worthlessness

I recently did a post on Bo Jackson. I stated in the post that Bo Jackson isn’t a Hall-of-Famer, even though he was the greatest athlete I ever saw play. Likewise, Terrell Owens, a coach-destroyer who can’t find a job … Continue reading

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