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Please Pray for him

I was in church today when I remembered a colleague asking me to pray for a friend of his. His friend is someone I know; he recently had surgery. Personally, I think the guy is ok — as OK as … Continue reading

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Black Thursday

Yes, I’m in line at Wal-Mart, again. It’s an outrage, again. And I’m saving, again. My wife’s relatives are visiting town. You know, the ones I blogged about earlier. The male fancies himself as a man of God. My wife … Continue reading

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Only Two Places You See This…

Where I work, we have three classes of employee: Military, government civilians and defense contractors. I’ve been all three of those–sometimes two at once–so it really doesn’t matter who I associate with. To others, it matters a great deal. A … Continue reading

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Lowballing People Who Work for Tips

Like most of you, I patronize restaurants. Like most of you, I will tip the waiters and waitresses who work in restaurants. Some of you do not. In case you haven’t heard, a pastor has encountered a considerable amount of … Continue reading

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