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Chopped Salad

Last weekend, I took my wife to Morton’s Steakhouse for her birthday. It was all right. One thing you must do when you go to a steakhouse is have the chopped salad. I’ve eaten a lot of chopped salads. Most … Continue reading

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Lowballing People Who Work for Tips

Like most of you, I patronize restaurants. Like most of you, I will tip the waiters and waitresses who work in restaurants. Some of you do not. In case you haven’t heard, a pastor has encountered a considerable amount of … Continue reading

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A Word About Travel, Eating and Stuff

As you know, I travel the country a fair amount. One thing I take pride in is my knowledge of travel around America.  It’s always fun finding out about new places, even though I’ve been just about everywhere I really … Continue reading

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Ten Best Barbecue Sides and Soul Food

First, a word about steaks: We happened to see an article on TLC, “Ten Best Barbecue Sides“. We are always, always interested in sides because we are so concerned about meat, we don’t always do side dishes. In the BSP … Continue reading

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The Best Thing in a Steakhouse

We all have been to steakhouses. Obviously, the best thing in any steakhouse is supposed to be a ribeye or a New York (also known as a Kansas City) strip steak.  However, there are some specialty items in a steakhouse … Continue reading

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Best Sandwich In America

We’ve been discussing basketball lately, but we know that’s fixed. In the meantime, we’re watching something that’s not fixed: Adam Richman of “Man vs Food” fame’s new show, “Best Sandwich in America.” You ask, why the food theme? We ask, … Continue reading

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