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Jay Mohr Sports

It’s no secret BSP dislikes sports talk radio (despite listening to it a lot), but Jay Mohr just made one of my favorite rants. Jay tossed aside conventional wisdom (i.e., talk about basketball), and talked about Olympic ice hockey. Specifically, … Continue reading

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The United States defeated Russia, 3-2 (SO) to take the lead in the A group. Does it qualify as a miracle on ice like 1980? No, not as much was at stake and the political tension wasn’t as great, but … Continue reading

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Sochi Olympics: Russia’s Home Field Advantage

Virtually every country hosting an Olympics does better in the medal count. Russia, which is normally strong in the Winter Olympics anyway, is going to do well. But there’s one sport I’m really interested in seeing: Hockey, of course. Hockey, … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics in Dogistan

Did you hear, the 2014 Winter Olympics are getting dumped on by everyone in the West who had no idea what to expect in Russia. BSP, who has paid attention to Russia in the past, believes anyone who gave it … Continue reading

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