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A View on Same Sex Marriage

this is my view. Others may have it, but I don’t know about them. I do know some of my Christian friends are very unhappy about the nationwide legalization of SSM. They claim it’s the coming of The End Times. … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Women Tell All

My IQ descends into the plant matter range as I watch this train wreck.  http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/bachelor-women-sneak-peek-29282138 I wonder how many of these chicks he banged before giving them their walking papers?  Like with the soccer player? Wait a minute, it gets … Continue reading

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Maury: Did My Husband Cheat With My 60-Year-Old Friend?

I don’t even care about the 60-year-old segment. I’m watching this woman Keshia admit that she slept with her husband’s best friend, Jason, at least 20 times. Of course, Keshia had brought Shannon on the show before and accused him … Continue reading

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V. Stiviano on Dr. Phil

I’m watching V. Stiviano talking to Dr. Phil McGraw about the Donald Sterling incidents. You know, where the billionaire lost his basketball team over the comments recorded by her. Thank you, DVR for letting me get these comments: From the … Continue reading

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John TV

I was watching a DVR’ed episode of Maury, when one segment had someone named Brian Bates, with something called “John TV”. Turns out this guy lives in Oklahoma City, videotapes men attempting to solicit prostitutes and posts the videos online. … Continue reading

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Military Brass Gone Bad?

I read in the Washington Post this article: Military brass, behaving badly It talks about general officers accused of doing tawdry things, from drinking at work to having sex with multiple partners, to engaging in assaults. It’s some unseemly stuff. … Continue reading

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BSP Discusses Relationships and … Other Stuff

By the way, I’m having some sippin tequila I purchased in Mexico while on a cruise. Anejo. So smooth. While I was looking at the stats for bittersportspills, I noticed a couple of things: You all like reading the “Big … Continue reading

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