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What’s the bottom line in the NFL? How does your team decide to keep or get rid of players? Is it winning? Is it only winning, or is it image? It’s some of both, but you cannot have a controversial … Continue reading

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Idiots listening to Idiots

I was listening to Chuck Barkley speak on the Mike and Mike show this morning, and Barkley made a comment, referring to some NBA players as “idiots.” Then I heard Colin Cowherd say that you are what you watch. By … Continue reading

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Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks

Are you watching the Browns … the BROWNS … bulldoze the Cincinnati Bengals at Cincinnati? At the end of the third quarter, it’s 23-3 Cleveland, and it hardly seems if there’s a way they can blow this game. Brian Hoyer, … Continue reading

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The Cowboys Reality

One of my colleagues, who happens to be a Denver Broncos fan, laughed when I mentioned the Dallas Cowboys; specifically their defense. I laughed before detailing the fact the Cowboys were the last ranked defense in the NFL in 2013 … Continue reading

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Seeing The Lakers

For those of you who remember the very beginnings of this blog, you remember one of the four people it addresses is a fan of The Lakers. Here in San Antonio, The Lakers are quite popular. If you go to … Continue reading

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Movin’ the Chains

You know BSP is where you can go to observe sports media getting blasted for everything from crappy writing, to greediness, to outright bias, and anything else. But there is one piece of sports glory that the sports media can … Continue reading

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Jay Mohr Sports

It’s no secret BSP dislikes sports talk radio (despite listening to it a lot), but Jay Mohr just made one of my favorite rants. Jay tossed aside conventional wisdom (i.e., talk about basketball), and talked about Olympic ice hockey. Specifically, … Continue reading

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