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St. Louis Rams Going Gunning

I mentioned I had total disdain for the Denver Broncos. Another team I don’t like, even though they’re not in my team’s division or conference, is the St. Louis Rams. The Rams go gunning for other team’s players. I saw … Continue reading

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Trades, Anyone?

When I heard about the Jimmy Graham to Seattle deal, I was floored. Mostly because I didn’t believe there were trades in the NFL anymore. Then we got yet another Eagles trade, Glass Bradford to Philadelphia for Nick Foles. I … Continue reading

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Sam’s Been Drafted … Now What?

Yesterday during the 5th round of the NFL Draft, I told a friend of mine I thought the Raiders would pick Michael Sam with pick 32 of the 7th round yesterday. They did not. Shortly afterwards, the St. Louis Rams … Continue reading

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San Francisco – Saint Louis

I’m watching St. Louis and the neiners. I don’t know why because the neiners are destroying the Rams, 28-11. Check that, 35-11. The Rams can’t stop anyone and the neiners are running the ball at will. Let’s see, the Rams … Continue reading

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NFL City at What Cost?

Just read where the City of Oakland, ranked #5 in crime in the nation, had to lay off 200 police officers due to a budget deficit of $32 million. Meanwhile the city of Oakland paid the Oakland Raiders $17 million … Continue reading

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