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Publicity. It Ain’t Always Good

Did you see where Jerry & Stephen Jones got some more publicity by taking photos with some skanks? How’s that working out? I know, there’s talk of extortion plots, the skrippers Jones bought are saying they are victims too — … Continue reading

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Jerry Springer

During my recuperation from Black Friday, I’m watching Jerry Springer for the first time in ages. What, because I watch trash TV, you think I watch Jerry Springer? It is indeed trash TV, but you can’t even pretend to take … Continue reading

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Anna Benson: Koo-Koo For Cocoa Puffs

Did you see Anna Benson on Dr. Phil’s show? I’m only halfway through this show that I’ve recorded and she’s batsh*t crazy. She apparently had Kris Benson at gunpoint, but he called the police and got her arrested. She was … Continue reading

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