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Cam Newton is Getting Beaten Up

Just saw the NBC pregame for tonight’s NFC East snoozefest. Cam Newton spoke up about getting hit. Of course, this is the NFL where everyone except Tom Brady gets hit, but Cam Newton is taking a ton of physical abuse … Continue reading

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To Cincinnati Bengals Fan

Hi, BengalsFan; I’m sure you’re watching your team tonight, and you’re too busy watching it to read blog posts. I am concerned about your team tonight. Are you happy with Andy Dalton? Does he look like the leader who’s going … Continue reading

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Victor Cruz: It’s not just a Game

Did you see Victor Cruz get hurt on a 4th and 3 play in the 3rd quarter of tonight’s Sunday Night Game of the Week? Obviously Cruz suffered a significant injury on that play … a torn patella tendon according … Continue reading

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I Thought Only Good Teams Played on Sunday Night

Is this what you’ve been waiting all day for? This was as funny as when Dan Dierdorf said “are you ready for some football” during the 4th quarter of a Hall-of-Fame game broadcast. The 4-7 Giants, whom Chris Collinsworth just … Continue reading

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Chicago – Pittsburgh

Just saw the Bears take a  10-0, I mean 17-0 lead over Pittsburgh. The Steelers are looking like a team that’s gotten rid of its really old guys and the young guys aren’t coming through. In all fairness, the Steelers … Continue reading

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