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St. Louis Rams Going Gunning

I mentioned I had total disdain for the Denver Broncos. Another team I don’t like, even though they’re not in my team’s division or conference, is the St. Louis Rams. The Rams go gunning for other team’s players. I saw … Continue reading

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Lovie Must Go

When I first started watching hockey so many years ago, the Capitals were playing Philadelphia in a playoff series. Of course, those Flyers couldn’t skate, but they sure could goon it up. Down 0-2 in a best of five series, … Continue reading

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I am open all the time

I am in South Florida today, watching the Buccaneers and the Ravens. Actually I’m watching the Ravens totally destroy the Bucs. It’s now 34-0 with just over a minute gone in the second quarter, extra point pending. This is like … Continue reading

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Josh Freeman Released

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Josh Freeman, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback, has been released. The Bucs contacted every one of the NFL teams but didn’t receive interest in a trade. And why would the other teams … Continue reading

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San Francisco – Saint Louis

I’m watching St. Louis and the neiners. I don’t know why because the neiners are destroying the Rams, 28-11. Check that, 35-11. The Rams can’t stop anyone and the neiners are running the ball at will. Let’s see, the Rams … Continue reading

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The Weekend in (preseason) NFL Football

The season starts in just a few weeks. Aren’t you excited about your team’s prospects? Even teams that lost their preseason games have things to be excited about. We saw how Colin Kaepernick and the niners shoved around the supposedly … Continue reading

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Callahan throwing a Super Bowl? Perspective from a Raiders Fan.

Have you read where Tim Brown, former Oakland receiver and Hall-of-Fame candidate…until now…said that former Raiders coach Bill Callahan sabotaged the team’s chances to win the Super Bowl in 2002? “We all called it sabotage, because Callahan and Gruden was … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay – Minnesota

Tonight, I am being forced to watch Tampa Bay and Minnesota. Of course, I’d much rather see the second game of the World Series, but other people in my house would rather watch the Buccaneers dominate the Vikings. Tampa won … Continue reading

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