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This is awesome programming

Watching Steve Wilkos’ show from Thursday. Megan, the mother confessed to police that she tried to smother her 2-year old child. She then recanted her story and has gone on Steve Wilkos’ show to prove her innocence. As we know … Continue reading

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Directv’s Immobility

Ok, I bought this Directv dish from an unnamed company with the word “Oasis” in their name, so I could take television mobile. You know, so I could get the programming I pay a ridiculous amount of money to receive, … Continue reading

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Holy Batman Theme Song

In one of those really weird debates, I claimed the original theme song to “Batman”… the one played to animated characters fighting crime…contained the word “BOFF”. My friend, let’s call him “Don” was incredulous. He said even they had to … Continue reading

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Medical Center

I was just watching Medical Center, the television drama from the late 60’s and early-mid 70’s. For those of you who don’t know, Medical Center and Marcus Welby MD were the forerunners of today’s medicine-related television programs. As anyone over … Continue reading

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