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I’m watching this Jacksonville – Tennessee game. The Jags are bad, and they are on Thursday Night Football! That’s a combustible mix! Of course, I watched them play the Raiders Sunday. The Jags kind of hung in there for a … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Sacrifice

You know Thursday Night Football is pretty much terrible. The interesting thing about it is, the league seems to prefer one team over the other in selecting its Thursday Night Sacrifice. That is, the road team on the short week. … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Football is Hot Garbage

I saw some tweets tonight about Christian Ponder being hot garbage. He may not be a very good quarterback, but the real hot garbage is this Thursday night football. Yet another event gone horribly wrong during the Goodell Era. Owners, … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay – Minnesota

Tonight, I am being forced to watch Tampa Bay and Minnesota. Of course, I’d much rather see the second game of the World Series, but other people in my house would rather watch the Buccaneers dominate the Vikings. Tampa won … Continue reading

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Chicago – Green Bay

I’m watching the Bears against the Packers on Thursday night. It’s the third quarter and the Packers lead 13-3. One thing I’ve noticed about this game: The Bears have been terrible, but they are still in the game. Another thing … Continue reading

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