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Kluwe thinks he and Tebow are in “the same boat”

Chris Kluwe, who wrote a Deadspin article about being cut by the Vikings because he  actively supports gay rights, believes Tim Tebow is also being kept out of the NFL for speaking his own views. Appearing on super-douche Keith Olbermann’s … Continue reading

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Tebow Done as an NFLer

Saw in ProFootballTalk, Tim Tebow’s camp is finally admitting he’s done in the NFL. It’s something we all knew about a long time ago. Stephen A. Smith and even Skip Bayless gets it right in this piece: In my opinion, … Continue reading

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First Take

Yesterday, I said I’d discuss something I saw on the ESPN sports show, “First Take.”  I will get serious in a moment, but lets get our laughs in.   First, let me say I was 0-3 yesterday. Actually, the Lions … Continue reading

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