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Wild Teens Caught on Camera

I’m watching Dr. Phil and they are talking about “Wild Teens Caught on Camera”. In one, there’s one girl who hits another girl in the head with a shovel. Her mother is proud of her: Are you kidding me? Dr. … Continue reading

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Ray Rice KO’s Fiancee

Did you hear about Ray Rice, the Baltimore running back who allegedly got in a fight with his fiancee, knocked her out and dragged her out of an elevator (shown below) Did you also hear this gem? Source says police … Continue reading

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Marcus Smart’s not-so-smart shove

By now, everybody’s heard about Marcus Smart shoving a Texas Tech fan and not only receiving a likely suspension but also seeing his draft stock fall. Smart is, without question, headed to the NBA. For today, we’re going to keep … Continue reading

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Anna Benson: Koo-Koo For Cocoa Puffs

Did you see Anna Benson on Dr. Phil’s show? I’m only halfway through this show that I’ve recorded and she’s batsh*t crazy. She apparently had Kris Benson at gunpoint, but he called the police and got her arrested. She was … Continue reading

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Don’t (mess) with the Cartels

I just had dinner with my wife, and we discussed my son. I told her I could help him with anything, except for the following: – Drinking and driving – getting a chick pregnant – f**king with drug trafficking organizations, … Continue reading

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