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Houston Is A Problem

Are you seeing where Houston TX is being inundated by rain from Hurricane Harvey? National Weather Service radar: Having been through a number of these storms in different locales, I want to give some insight: Not everyone in Houston is … Continue reading

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South Texas Weather

Has anyone noticed South Texas is getting large quantities of rain? Despite the number of dead, injured and property lost … and we feel for those who lost loved ones … we needed the rain, badly. I think we’ve received … Continue reading

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Must be the Global Warming

Did I tell you I was in Washington DC last week? It should have been obvious. I bitched about rain, and everyone knows it doesn’t rain in South Texas. Hell, it doesn’t rain in Texas period, due mostly to global … Continue reading

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Wintertime Super Bowl Blues

Are you as sick and tired of hearing about the cold weather at the Super Bowl? This time, Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk brings up the entertainment discussing the cold weather aspect. Wah, wah, wah. If you listen to sports talk … Continue reading

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