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Carmelo Anthony, family man

While viewing TMZ, we also see how Carmelo Anthony and his wife, LaLa Vazquez…may live in New Jersey. It has nothing to do with money. Seems the couple want a yard for their 3-year old to play. To me, it … Continue reading

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Cubs Fan…Reversing the Curse

Now we don’t talk much about baseball here. I did see this on TMZ today. Cubs fans are trying to “reverse the curse”. It seems as though some dude bought a goat to the 1945 World Series. The other fans … Continue reading

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Barry Bonds Trial: Kim Bell’s Testimony

Come on now: You’d really like being on trial and having an ex-girlfriend make comments on the size of your testicles. You’d really like to hear you couldn’t get it up. Furthermore, you’d truly enjoy hearing about the acne on … Continue reading

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What Jalen Rose actually said

Interestingly, sports talk media is crushing Jalen Rose and somehow associating his DWI with him “getting what he deserves” after his comments on Duke. If that’s the case, why was JJ Redick “getting what he deserves” after his DUI conviction? … Continue reading

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The Greatest Sports TV Show Ever

You know I can’t stand the Cowboys, or Dallas sports. You also know I’m no big fan of Michael Irvin. However, the greatest sports-related show in the history of television was Michael Irvin’s “Fourth and Long”. This is cruelty to … Continue reading

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Nets – Knicks

In the ever exciting New York – New Jersey series of sporting events, we have the Nets at the Knicks. ESPN, are you serious? I guess they didn’t want to transport the camera equipment very far. I dont care if … Continue reading

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Islanders – New Jersey

The Devils were in deep trouble, but have managed to climb out of it. With New Jersey leading 2-0 five minutes into the 3rd, the Islanders strike twice…once shorthanded on a four-minute penalty kill, then the Devils allow the Islanders … Continue reading

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Sports Talk Radio, Chris Duel and Dawn Murphy

I think there’s only one city in America with good sports talk: Philadelphia. WIP is serious business. Philadelphia is serious about their sports. Maybe New York. Maybe Boston, except their elite homerism is way beyond our tastes. The rest are … Continue reading

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Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is one in a long list of child prodigies who hasn’t yet achieved the level of play expected of her. She was expected to be the female Tiger Woods. No, bad guys, I meant as far as playing … Continue reading

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Jalen Rose

If it weren’t for Mike Taylor, Jalen Rose might be unanimous choice of Douchebag of the Week. Except there is a Mike Taylor, so Rose finishes second. Rose was arrested for driving while intoxicated on March 11th. Seems Rose produced … Continue reading

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