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Church Picnic and Old Guys Barbecuing

Yesterday, I served during my church’s annual picnic. Because we had enough people to run the kitchen, I went out and worked the barbecue. Now the church barbecue is a place I normally stay away from because one BIG rule … Continue reading

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Joe Delaney

Adam Schefter posted his Tweet of the Day, which was a reminder Joe Delaney died 30 years ago today. Joe Delaney, if you’ll recall was a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was a Pro Bowler in his … Continue reading

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1,000 Posts

I was thinking of writing something profound for my 1,000th post. It’s not happening. I’ve had some fun and spread some bitterness. Blogging is fun. I’m going to continue. I don’t think I’ll see 2,000 posts but why not continue? … Continue reading

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Football Odds and Ends

Basketball is over and not a minute too soon. Looks like football season is already cranked up. Actually, football season never ends, it just has brief pauses. Fortunately, we can all get our fix soon enough. Saw a few things … Continue reading

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Serena – Maria Cheapshots

Did you read about Serena Williams taking cheapshots at Maria Sharapova? Did you read about Maria Sharapova taking some excellent cheapshots back at Serena? The Rolling Stone with Serena’s comments went something like this: There are people who live, breathe … Continue reading

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The End of It

I was out this morning doing my usual errands and I saw the typical roadside stand selling Spurs knockoff crap. There were people in line to buy the stuff. People were putting flags on their cars. After one of the … Continue reading

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Bitter Choke Job and a little revelation…

You knew Miami was going to win this game. You knew LB James would be the MVP. Well, that’s what you’re going to hear anyway. San Antonio folded. They played like crap at the end of this series. I’d like … Continue reading

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Game Six

I wanted to see how ESPN would frame Game Six as part of their effort to get you to worship LeBron as a great hero: A Really Big Three LeBron led the comeback. Chris Bosh set up the shot. But … Continue reading

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What is it about the NBA?

Someone asked me why I don’t like NBA basketball. I can say without reservation this is the reason: The rules are different for each player, fully dependent on their “star power”. I have expectations from sports. One of them is … Continue reading

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Chopped Salad

Last weekend, I took my wife to Morton’s Steakhouse for her birthday. It was all right. One thing you must do when you go to a steakhouse is have the chopped salad. I’ve eaten a lot of chopped salads. Most … Continue reading

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