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NFL to Drop Tax Exempt Status

Did you see where the NFL has dropped its tax exempt status?  By voluntarily doing so, the league can now successfully hide its top leadership salaries, like that of one of the worst figures in sports, Roger Goodell.  They are … Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis is happy

Washington DC, for what we believe is the first time ever, has NBA and NHL teams in the second round of their respective playoffs in the same year. In fact, the Wizards completed their first four-game sweep ever. Ted Leonsis, … Continue reading

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Houston – Dallas

I just watched Dwight Howard grab an off-line pass and throw down an amazing dunk. Houston has Dallas down 0-3 in the series. They are going to close out the Mavericks tonight in what we thought was going to be … Continue reading

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JetsMedia Drags up Rex Ryan’s Carcass

You, being a non-Jets fan, could care less about their former coach’s feelings about what happened there. You care even less about anything involving that overrated team. But here goes BSP, dragging up another JetsMedia-contrived controversy.  Rex Ryan believes the … Continue reading

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Former Eagle, Titan, Raider, Bills WR Art Powell deceased

Art Powell, a former Eagle and Raider wide receiver, is deceased. He was 78. The reasons BSP remembers Art Powell has not a whole lot to do with playing of football on the field. Art Powell was a pioneer of … Continue reading

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NBA West versus East: How Bad is it?

It’s time to talk about competitive imbalance, folks. Sports media is pretty much located in the Northeast, or Southern California. In basketball’s case this is particularly true. The east coast media has a particular liking for good teams in the … Continue reading

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In the End, No one Cared

You’re going to hear about the ratings. You’re going to hear about how exciting it was. We’ll hear about how people watched because you love or hate Duke. In the end, no one cared. I’m watching my local news this … Continue reading

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