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The Bitter Reality of NFL Seasons

I was reading an SI column about Miles Austin being injured when I re-realized the point about the NFL season. It h as nothing to do with skill. It has everything to do with survival. Your team isn’t that great? … Continue reading

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Hard Knocks

I watched Hard Knocks last night. This is good stuff. I enjoy watching Joe Philbin. He’s a “rookie” head coach, but you can tell he’s no rookie in dealing with people. He’s a perfectionist; the kind of guy who just … Continue reading

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Cruising to Europe

We are going to Europe on a 12-day cruise. I bought the cruise last September so I’d get the thing paid off before we left. Its always nice to go on a vacation where you have everything paid before your … Continue reading

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The Bachelor Pad

I just happened to be tuned into the reality show, “Bachelor Pad.” It’s what happens when your wife watches the ABC Morning Show and you turn on the TV. This has to be even worse than…all the other bachelor/bachelorette TV … Continue reading

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Helping Those Who Do Not Want Help — The Bitter Truth

Earlier on this blog, I discussed my oldest sister’s horrific behavior concerning my mother’s funeral. In case you didn’t see that post, here are the basics: – My mother passed on August 8th – My other sister called my oldest … Continue reading

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Barbecue Cookbook Review

I was thinking about making some ribs for dinner but I just didn’t feel like it. Besides, my wife wanted to make chicken Alfredo. Then I saw the massive number of barbecue cookbooks I have and started to think about … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I watched a movie called “Contagion” This movie involved a lethal flu-like virus that rapidly spread around the world, killing millions of people while the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization struggled to find a vaccine. It … Continue reading

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