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Did you hear? Michael Sam got Cut!

Did you hear, Michael Sam got cut, then went unclaimed on waivers! I think I heard that about fifty times yesterday and today. I don’t hear of protestors in front of the Rams facility, do you? Mostly because I think … Continue reading

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NFL Predictions, 2014-15

I haven’t given you all anything to read, as of late. As the last post noted, I was on vacation in Alaska. That trip deserves its own post, as this blog is dedicated to sports, travel, money, women (from the … Continue reading

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I’m on an Alaskan cruise and having a great time. One of the cool features of said cruise was my wife breaking out her “2014 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs” shirt. No one said anything to her, except one other … Continue reading

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Haters Gonna Hate

Are you watching the Browns and the Lions on NFL Network tonight? Don’t you want to see Manziel play? Whether Manziel completes every pass or stinks like hot garbage, the haters will be out in full force. Haters gonna hate. … Continue reading

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Publicity. It Ain’t Always Good

Did you see where Jerry & Stephen Jones got some more publicity by taking photos with some skanks? How’s that working out? I know, there’s talk of extortion plots, the skrippers Jones bought are saying they are victims too — … Continue reading

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The Cowboys Reality

One of my colleagues, who happens to be a Denver Broncos fan, laughed when I mentioned the Dallas Cowboys; specifically their defense. I laughed before detailing the fact the Cowboys were the last ranked defense in the NFL in 2013 … Continue reading

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Pro Football Hall-of-Fame

The game is about to start the televised broadcast portion. Who wants to bet the main topic of tonight’s game is going to be Peyton Manning and the Broncos return to the Super Bowl? Oh, you mean that hasn’t happened … Continue reading

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Mark Cuban & an NBA World Cup

In BSP’s opinion, there aren’t many organizations more crooked than the NBA. Then Mark Cuban sobers us up by mentioning the International Olympic Committee. Cuban rails against the IOC and their thoroughly on the take leadership, then suggests the NBA … Continue reading

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Walter Jones

Tonight, Walter Jones is entering the NFL Hall of Fame. What a great story! This guy comes from a family that had nothing, and now he’s a Hall-of-Famer. And BSP sure remembers Walter Jones. Despite being an opponent of my … Continue reading

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Ray Guy, the Belting Champ

One of my friends, a longtime Raiders fan used to be a soccer player. Whenever he grabbed a football (which was often), he used to kick the hell out of it and call it “belting” the ball. Ray Guy was … Continue reading

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